Secrets & Dark Magic
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Secrets & Dark Magic by Chloe Vincent


Expect Fireworks! ♥ Proceed With Anticipation...
When my little brother started acting weird, I never imagined he was part of a magic cult. I need answers and I need them fast!

Meeting Prof. J Cole Montgomery was supposed to be the solution. Between his specialty in Poisons & Potions and his sexy AF good looks, he should be exactly the guy I need.

But something about him seems unsettled...and a trip to the deep woods on his motorcycle just might give me more answers than I knew I wanted...

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN a magic cult, a sexy Kodiak bear shifter, an artsy city girl looking for answers, & a cynical angelic agent converge in a battle to save human kind? Find out now…

Come play along with:

    ♥ A bad boy Professor who specializes in Poisons & Potions

    ∇ A feisty Artist who is way out of her element

    ♥ A rebellious Guardian of Mates who needs them to GET IT ON so she doesn't get fired

    ∇ And a Dark Magic Cult intent on destroying humanity

    Grab it now & find out why everybody is talking about Chloe Vincent’s best selling series, the Guardian of Mates Agency!

    >>>READER BEWARE: Seat-gripping suspense, laugh-out-loud sarcasm, lip-biting sexy, steamy action.
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