Secret Daddy
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Secret Daddy by B. B. Hamel


He can sulk and snarl all he wants.
I’m not calling that gorgeous jerk Daddy no matter what.

People think I have it together.
Perfect career. Perfect life.
Except none of it makes me happy anymore.

Enter Graham Stevens.
Former Marine, snarling a**hole.
He’s the kind of gorgeous muscle-head I should avoid.
He says he’s my new bodyguard, but I don’t buy it.
Graham wants way more than just my safety.
He wants every inch of me.
I can’t stand the way he stares at my body.
I know what he’s thinking.
He’s picturing me completely stripped and exposed.

One night, I finally get a taste of what he’s offering…
Now all I need to do is call him Daddy.
And he’ll fill every missing hole in my life.

Secret Daddy is a steamy, over the top older man / younger woman romance! It’s hot where it matters! If you love a snarly, sulking alpa man that just needs to be called Daddy, this one’s for you. Always safe, no cheating, standalone, and a happily-ever-after. Enjoy!!

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