Secret Daddies
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Secret Daddies by Natasha L. Black

Settle in for these six full-length standalone romances full of men who take charge in the boardroom and the bedroom! Don't miss this set of hot billionaire bosses and secret babies waiting to be found out! Book One – My Ex’s Secret Baby I may hate him... But I can't deny my attraction still lingers. He's big. Bossy. And in control. And the only thing better than seeing him now... Is the memory of me screaming his name. Again. And again. Book Two – Bad Boy’s Secret Baby He's the same rebel that had me begging for his touch. But now he has money and power. What he doesn't have is the truth - the life changing secret I've been keeping for years. Now he's back and determined to make me his. Book Three – Daddy’s Secret Baby I can't get Ari off my mind. The woman she's become, so beautiful and strong. An artist who put her life on hold to support her child--our child. All those years ago, we broke each other's hearts. We lost everything. Can we ever get it back? Book Four – Boss's Secret Baby for Christmas We swear it'll never happen again. But this attraction is explosive. It's too complicated, too messy. And that's before I find out I'm pregnant with his baby. But sooner or later my secret will come out. And I might lose more than just my job. Book Five – CEO’s Secret Baby He desperately needs a nanny. And I'm the lucky girl. But... it turns out I’m in love with him. And even worse... I'm pregnant with his baby. Book Six – His Secret Baby I'd be crazy to fall in love with him. I only need Gael to salvage my reputation. To divert people's attention from my recent fake breakup. Trading one fake lover for another seemed like a good strategy. Saying "I do" was the easy part. Saying "goodbye" will be the real test. * * * From the naughty mind of Natasha L. Black comes six standalone secret baby romances with plenty of steam. Go on, enjoy these sinfully hot daddies and the mamas that make them hot.
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