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Seconds to Act by Stephanie Flynn

She's sent back in time to prevent an innocent man's murder, but she wasn't supposed to fall for him...or was she? Veterinary Technician April McCall has until the morning to answer her boyfriend's marriage proposal. Totally overwhelmed with indecision, April agrees to be a test subject for her roommate's research project on dreams, the perfect distraction. As she's drifting off though, she's given a task and warning: Prevent Sam Hartley's arrest in 1852, otherwise he will be murdered. Grateful for the escape and amused by the specifics, she accepts. In 1852 Wisconsin, Sam Hartley works for a tyrannical leader of an extortion ring, mourning the murder of his wife. When he overhears his boss's plan to destroy his best friend next, the clock is ticking to end the oppression once and for all. But an extraordinary woman comes asking for him, and her suspicious knowledge and the escalating threats from his boss force him to keep her close. Perhaps too close. Time's running out, and April must decide between her mediocre boyfriend and 1852, risking her life to save the man that stole her heart. If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, swoon-worthy heroes, and sassy ladies in a small town setting, you'll love Stephanie Flynn's dramatic historical adventure books. Each is a standalone with guaranteed HEA, but an overarching narrative. Best if read in order. Buy now with 1-Click and escape into a dangerous time travel romance adventure!
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