Second Chances
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Second Chances by Diana Xarissa


Welcome to Ramsey, New York – a small town full of characters. Some are looking for love, some most definitely are not. Sooner or later, everyone finds his or her happily ever after.

Camille Quinn has had her heart broken twice and she isn’t interested in finding love again. She’s busy raising her two children, Brandon and Molly. When Maxwell Steward, the first man who broke her heart, thirty years earlier, comes back to Ramsey, all she wants to do is avoid him.

When Brandon manages to crash into Maxwell’s expensive sports car during a driving lesson, avoiding the man becomes impossible. The Ramsey Summer Fair throws Camille and Maxwell together and brings back memories for Camille. Maxwell seems more than happy to rekindle their friendship, seemingly not realizing how badly he hurt her in the past.

Camille isn’t interested in being friends with her former boyfriend. She’s much more concerned with guarding her heart.

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