Second Chance Husband
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Second Chance Husband by B. B. Hamel


I want her down on her knees with my ring on her finger.

She got away once before, but not this time.
This is my last chance. I’ve messed up enough for one lifetime, and I need to get my sh*t together.

Bad boy, bastard, a**hole. I’ve been called it all and deserved it once or twice.
But I’m changing, and I’m starting with her.

Piper’s the producer of my new travel show and my ex-girlfriend. Messed up, right? During a scene in Las Vegas, she gets tricked into signing a real marriage license.

That’s right, she’s my accidental bride, and I plan on keeping her.

She’s not happy about it, but that doesn’t matter. She needs me just as much as I need her. I can see it in her eyes: She remembers how it used to be, back before I messed up, the way it felt when my fingertips brushed against her skin.

She knows how I can make her feel, but she’s afraid.
I’ll remind her why I’m the best thing that got away.

In the end, she’ll beg to stay my wife, or both our careers will go up in flames.

Second Chance Husband is a steamy romance with tons of hot scenes and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Second Chance Husband is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA!

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