Screw Flirting

Screw Flirting by Lola West


Sometimes you just have to chuck the bro-code.

Brooke, a.ka. “Bug,” Stewert is practically invisible. With her short hair and baggy overalls, everyone thinks of her as just one of the guys. She keeps to herself, spends most of her time fixing up her sailboat and planning her escape from her bizarro hometown, Spring, FL - where the men outnumber the women by like ten to one. Honestly, in a town overrun with hard up dudes, being different and unapproachable would suit Bug just fine, if it weren’t for her unrelenting crush on her brother’s best friend.

Jackson Winters is following in his father’s footsteps. He’s gonna be an accountant. Sadly, he doesn’t even like math. Secretly he wants to be a writer - and not the practical kind. Jackson wants to write fiction but he’s basically never told anyone that - except Bug. She’s the only one he talks to. God, he thinks about her all the time. But she’s his best friend’s little sister.

You shouldn't want your best friend’s little sister, right? What if it's just for one night?

This small town is paradise. Beautiful beaches, year-round warm weather and friendly neighbors. There’s only one thing missing—single ladies. It’s Raining Men in Spring, Florida and the lonely residents are hungry to find their soulmates. During the month of April, some of your favorite instalove authors are bringing you stories set in this fictional town where the men significantly outnumber the ladies. Come meet us in Spring to find your next book boyfriend.

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