Scent of Love
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Scent of Love by Sophia Knightly

He's hotter than a habanero. She's sparkling champagne. Sometimes opposites attract in the most delicious ways... All Gabe Falcon wants is to make his trendy Naples restaurant a success. Until he meets his new neighbor, that is. The sweet and sexy perfumer challenges and entices him in equal measure from the start. Too bad the only thing she wants is for him to get lost. Lily Marlowe doesn't have time for the annoyingly hot alpha next door, especially when the spicy aromas of Gabe's dishes overpower her fragrances and run off her customers. The fact that he's the only man to ever make her regret all the barriers she's built around her heart? Irrelevant. This is business. But Gabe isn't about to give up on Lily without a fight, and when he makes her an offer she can't refuse, she quickly finds her ordered life thrown into a tailspin. Torn between business and desire, can Lily learn to trust her senses--and Gabe? Or will their happily ever after be snuffed out before it can even begin? FALCONS IN LOVE SERIES - Each book is a standalone. Scent of Love - Book 1 The Holiday Sweet Spot
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