Santa’s Little Yelpers
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Santa’s Little Yelpers by H.Y. Hanna


Holly stopped believing in magic long ago... until a chance meeting lands her a dream vacation in Australia. When she rescues a litter of abandoned puppies and meets a handsome Aussie veterinarian who captures her heart, she finds herself tempted to give up everything for a chance at love. The last thing veterinarian Dr Nick Forrester expected when helping out at the animal hospital was to meet this pretty American. He knows that they belong together - but with malicious gossip and culture clash coming between them, can he convince Holly that they could have a future together?
(* Previously published as 'Summer Beach Vets: Playing Santa')

This book follows British English spelling and usage.
Clean read: no sex, swearing or strong language / sweet, clean & wholesome romance

PAWS BY THE BEACH - a veterinary romance series set in a beautiful seaside town Down Under
* Each book focuses on a different vet at the animal hospital and their search for love. Each can be standalone, but it's more fun to read them in order!
Truly, Waggy, Deeply (Book 1) ~ Sara & Craig
Mutts About You (Book 2) ~ Ellie & Dan
Santa's Little Yelpers (Christmas Special: Book 2.5) ~ Holly & Nick
Meow and Forever (Book 3) ~ Pippa & Matt
Lost Woof Out You (Book 4) ~ Charlie & Todd
Fairy Tail Ending (Book 6) ~ Ben & Natalie

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