Santa Crush

Santa Crush by Addison Grace


Of all the jobs Heather Harris could have gotten after being laid off, she finds herself working as “Santa’s Helper” at a local department store. And the Santa in question is not at all what she expected.

Mason Brookes is arrogant, bossy, and far too young to be playing Santa Claus—even if he’s fantastic with the kids. Heather’s immediately confused as to how this jerk could get away with playing the jolliest man in the world. But little does she know that there’s far more to Mason than meets the eye…

As the holidays draw closer, and the magic of the season takes effect, Heather realizes that she’s falling for Mason…and he might just feel the same way.

Will Heather be able to get through Mason’s icy exterior? Or will she be left in the cold by her Santa crush?

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