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Sandover Beach Memories by Emma St. Clair

She never thought the island would be home again. But when Jenna returns to get her late mother’s house ready to sell, her past and future intersect in ways she couldn’t imagine. She’s already dealing with her mother’s death and her own recent divorce. The last thing she needs is to face off with her high school nemesis. But she can’t seem to avoid Jackson Wells' smirking and frustratingly attractive face. She doesn’t know why he’s pulling the nice-guy act, but she isn’t buying. Because if it isn’t an act, Jenna might really be in trouble. Jackson has loved Jenna for half his life. Too bad she still sees him as the punk he was in high school. He just wants a chance to show her that he has changed. But every kindness he tosses her way, she lobs back like a grenade. Jackson can see how high she’s built her walls to keep out the pain. Good thing he’s prepared to scale them. No matter how long it takes. But on a small beach island like Sandover, you can’t ever escape your past. Can Jackson and Jenna forge a new future together?
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