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Clara had always imagined a blissful future for herself. Her road ahead is forever changed, though, when her beloved husband is killed in a disastrous robbery. As if that wasn't enough, she will soon have to face another horrible truth: the fact that he was living a double life as a vicious criminal. Grappling with loneliness, as well as the upbringing of her disabled son, she feels completely desolated. Under the pressure of everyone treating her as an outcast, Clara will have to make a bold decision: travel west to become a mail order bride. Will leaving for the unknown help her escape misery? Andrew never got over the terrible loss of his dearest wife. Spiraling into despair over the last three years, he leads a sheltered life in a ranch in Texas, along with his only son. When his best friend realizes that Andrew has completely given up on himself and his child, he is determined to take matters into his own hands: behind his back, he answers a Mail Order bride ad for a widow with an only son. Will Andrew reject this secretly taken initiative or will he seize this opportunity and finally leave the sorrowful events behind? With Clara's arrival in Texas, they will quickly realise they share something common: their hearts are both shattered in million pieces. Will they be able to work through their critical differences and let their trauma go? Or will they never manage to get away from their wounded past?