Ruthless Love
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Ruthless Love by Ava Gray


They said I won the lottery because someone anonymously paid for my senior year at a prestigious academy.

The same academy where I met the most ruthless man I’d ever come across.

Finn Clemonte.

Rich, arrogant, and the king of New Hope Academy of Excellence.
He’s a dangerous drug and I’m mad at myself for getting a taste of him.
Because now I want more.
I want more of his devilish green eyes to destroy the remaining sanity in me.
But there’s a reason why him and I can never be together.
Our families have known each other for decades.
They’ve also hated each other for decades.
Just the way we did in the beginning.
But our hatred turned into lust, and then into love.
Our families will never be on board.
The pride on both sides is just that high.

Is it even possible to erase generations of feud between them?
Maybe… Maybe not.
But like they say, all is fair in love and war.
And if we don’t get a shot at love, then the war will soon consume both sides.

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