Running With Wolves
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Running With Wolves by Dakota West


Greta Waltz doesn't take crap from anyone.

As the owner of the Tooth & Claw Saloon, Rustvale's only wolf shifter bar, she can't afford to. Even when a couple of sexy newcomers shift and get into a bar fight, Greta doesn't hesitate to scruff them and boot them into the street. Sure, she'd rather be touching them somewhere else, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Recovering nerd Elliott Whiting just moved back home, and brought his mate Shane along with him. Their very first day in town, Shane gets into a bar fight - and the most beautiful bartender he's ever seen tosses him out of her bar. Ever since, neither of them can stop thinking about the curvy, fiery wolf. Could she be the only to finally complete their triad?

It doesn't take long for Elliott's past as a dorky, bullied kid to resurface, and when it does, Shane can barely control his temper. At the same time, Greta's dad - the pack's alpha - makes his expectations for her perfectly clear, and they don't involve running a business or Greta staying independent.

Can Greta defy her pack's expectations and find love on her terms? Or will the pack and the past get in the way of this fated menage?

Running With Wolves is a standalone novella, with a feisty, independent heroine, two shifters who'll do anything for her, and a menage that will leave you gasping for more!

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