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Run With Me by Lacey Silks

She flees a cartel’s wrath. He’s a bounty hunter with a conscience. Will forbidden love flourish between the outlaws? They murdered my son, so I burned everything they had. Almost everything. I hid what I like to call an insurance policy, and ran. My first break comes when I wake up in a luxurious apartment on the other side of the country. My second break comes when I learn that the man who saves me is a mysterious bounty hunter named Xavier. Rich, confident and definitely easy on the eye, Xavier gives me everything and asks for nothing. He's at my side through my pregnancy. He stays by my side until the day we return home to find my daughter’s father. And I realize that I’m in love with two men. Two very different men. I’m hoping my third break will come when I dig up the past, because the Cortez cartel never forgets. And they’re eager to make sure that I remember them, forever. Indulge in Anna and Xavier’s dangerous and heated adventure to happiness as the couple faces their past and fights for their right to love in the forbidden romance, Run With Me.
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