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Ruin by Lucian Bane

Ruin is a Carnificem, created to judge and execute. Isadore is a female human, seemingly created to get in his way. Ruin wakes up in a swamp with no memory other than his need to judge and execute. The first person he meets is a scientist named Isadore who tries to help him remember why or what he's doing there. Without realizing, Ruin imprints on her and forms a bond that makes them inseparable--literally. Now when he's sent on assignments to judge and execute, he gets to bring his all-knowing brain-scientist that's compelled to second-guess every job he performs. But habits she considers harmless--namely those little white lies--are piling up and provoking the hellfire in his blood to judge her. And while he loathes her imperfections with all his being, if anything happens to her, Ruin's rage could destroy the world.
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