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Ruby’s Passion by Brooke Stanton

From an award-winning and #1 bestselling author comes a “steamy historical coming of age romance about self-discovery and unexpected love.” When Ruby marries the man she’s loved all her life, James Lucas, she thought she knew his heart as well as her own. But as she eagerly awaits him to perform the marriage act on their wedding night, she discovers a devastating secret that rips their fragile marriage apart. It would be scandalous to leave James, so Ruby agrees to continue their farce of a marriage as they travel across the country to visit James’s ailing father in Manhattan. Stuck in the confines of their tiny train compartment, Ruby’s desire for her husband twists with the repulsion of her discovery and starts a battle inside Ruby she can't control. When they arrive, the holiday season is all around, but Ruby feels nothing of the magic, struggling to come to terms with the truth about her marriage and her unrelenting lust for her husband. But when James’s father takes a turn for the worst, Ruby puts her hurt and anger aside to support her husband. But her rejection has turned him against her and it may be too late to mend all that has been broken... Can Ruby and James find a way back to each other or will the games they’re playing to protect their hearts ruin their only chance at happiness... Can be read as a stand-alone.
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