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Royal Heartbreaker by Ember Casey

This playboy prince is about to meet his match…but can he put his bad boy ways behind him? When I accidentally wished for my own Prince Charming, I never expected him to actually show up. But life never is as simple as making a wish—and while Prince Leopold is definitely charming, he’s also cocky. And arrogant. And a huge playboy. He’s everything I’ve promised myself I’d stay away from. So why can’t I seem to resist him? Fairy tales and happily-ever-afters don't happen in real life. Not to ordinary girls like me, anyway. And certainly not with a royal bad boy who's obviously harboring a whole bunch of juicy secrets. But I can't help myself. As my life becomes entangled with Prince Leo's in ways I never could have imagined, I'm forced to wonder: could he be the hero of my dreams? Or is this cocky prince just going to break my heart? This is Part One of a six-part contemporary romance serial by bestselling authors Renna Peak and Ember Casey. This episode ends with a cliffhanger. All six episodes are available now. What readers are saying about ROYAL HEARTBREAKER: “I freaking loved this story… I seriously couldn't get enough of these two, and the story line was fantastic!!” – Andrea, Amazon reviewer “This was absolutely brilliant! What a hot and sweet, dirty treat!" - Amazon reviewer “I love the characters in this book. They have strong personalities and such chemistry together.” – Terry, Amazon reviewer “Funny. Tender. Sweet. Intense. A Saucy fun read.” – Kris, Amazon reviewer “Loved, loved, loved this series!! I don't think I can truly describe what a wonderful story this is... It has it all!” – Amazon reviewer “I was addicted to Leo ... This is a MUST read!!!” – Amazon reviewer New to the ROYAL HEARTBREAKERS books? Meet the wild royal siblings of Montovia! Each series contains a complete romance story and can be read on its own, but the following is the chronological order of our books: Royal Heartbreaker series (Prince Leopold + Eleanor Parker) Royal Mistake series (Prince Andrew + Victoria Simpson) Royal Arrangement series (Prince William + Princess Justine) Royal Wedding Fiasco (special bonus book) Royal Disaster series (Princess Sophia + Pax Donovan) Royal Christmas Baby (special bonus book) Royal Escape series (Prince Nicholas + Clara Weaver)
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