Royal Fae Bodyguard
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Royal Fae Bodyguard by Chloe Vincent


Warrior Fae and adorable badass, Cara, is finally ready to graduate from the elite Brunswick Academy. There’s just one test left, her Final Mission.

Find the missing wood totem…while bodyguarding some annoyingly sexy Fae Prince??

The cocky playboy Royal better not screw it up for her, or he’s going to need protection from Cara!

Unfortunately for her, a dark and raucous force is at work– and it will take everything she has to harness her true powers and confront it.

Even if that means learning to trust those around her…including Prince Dayen of the Fae Realm.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

• About The Brunswick Academy Series •
There are only 5 girls graduating this year…students who have been more carefully selected and trained than they realize. The supernatural forces of the world have been thrown out of balance and the Headmistress has finally figured out why. Five missing elements need to be reclaimed, and she has trained the perfect five students to do it.

    First up: Cara – a Warrior Fae with pixie-perfect looks and the determination to prove she’s more than a pretty face. There is a wooden elemental totem out in the world, and she needs to find it.

    On the upside, once they complete their missions to help bring peace back to the world, they’ll each be rewarded with true love. Whether Cara considers that a reward or not, well that’s another story…

Written for 18+ readers. Enjoy the wild, page-turning ride!

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