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Royal Baby Maker by Nora Flite

The day I met Bishop Callehurst he was standing half-naked in the massive kitchen of his over the top Hollywood mansion, drinking a glass of water and letting it drip all over his impossibly solid body. I didn't know he was royalty. I was too distracted by his hungry stare... and how he kept smirking every time he stole a peek down my shirt. Turns out this prince needs a baby, and fast. He swears it's about keeping access to his money. Love or romance? They don't factor in. But if that's true, why doesn't he pick one of the hundreds of gorgeous women his mom parades in front of him to be his baby-mamma? Why me? I'm not special—I can barely walk his two Pomeranians without falling over. His royal sexiness has plans for me. Dirty, wild plans that can only happen between the sheets. There's a million reasons not to go along with what he wants, but with him kissing my thighs and holding me close... I've forgotten all of them. * * * Note: This is an extended release of the Dog Walker & the Prince (a limited time novella that was included in the Royally Mine Anthology) It includes an extra special epilogue!
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