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Rookie by Susan Rossini

Matt (aka Rookie) I’m poised to set the NHL on fire. A rookie who took advantage of an opportunity to shine on the ice during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I’m ready to prove my value on the top line of the Colorado Crush at training camp later this summer and beyond. What I’m not ready to do is be ‘that guy’ who is attracted to the girlfriend of the captain of the Crush. Her satiny skin, thick mahogany hair that tumbles down her back in glorious waves, her sweet smile—all of it—calls to me on a level I can’t explain. But I’m NOT THAT GUY. Imagine my surprise when I learn she’s not the captain’s girlfriend at all. It’s much worse. Mia Ricco is the little sister of the Crush captain, and we’re both temporarily living in her brother’s posh penthouse condo. Although the friend zone is the only place where we can live for more reasons than the names listed on Lord Stanley’s Cup, it doesn’t stop me from secretly longing to be with Mia. Honestly, I don’t know what’s killing me more: those perfectly pastel pink sleep shorts Mia wears around the condo or Dante’s response if I violate the bro-code. As my attraction to Mia skyrockets, my resolve to stay away weakens. Crossing that line with the wildly smart and beautiful Mia may be worth every ounce of the risk. This forbidden little sister romance is the first in the Colorado Crush Hockey series and features lots of steam, brooding alphas and a bit of humor sprinkled in for good measure. No cheating. No cliffhanger. Oh, and a HEA that will elicit swoons and smiles from hockey lovers everywhere.
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