Romancing the Conflicted Cowboy
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An out-of-place writer risking everything to stay. A conflicted cowboy afraid to risk letting her. And one little arrangement about to become more complicated than either bargained for. For romance author Callie Claston, visiting a Texas dude ranch to save her career makes perfect sense. The harebrained idea to romance a veterinarian who thinks sending her into cow patty landmines is the art of subtlety, however, might qualify her as crazy. Then again, little does he know how much a challenge fuels her. Until it collides with a dream she never expected to be real. Single dad Reed Allen has at least two reasons—both with smiles just like his—for trying to run off the intriguing city girl hiding a secret. But when he reluctantly agrees to help Callie with her research, knowing he should stay guarded around her does absolutely nothing to prepare him for the moment when he can’t. Can a writer who’s never found her own ever-after and a cowboy who lost his too soon restore enough faith in love to start a new chapter together? * * * Find out now. Download Romancing the Conflicted Cowboy today and escape to the countryside in a laugh-out-loud cowboy romance that feels like coming home. Romancing the Conflicted Cowboy is the first book in a heartwarming group series that’ll keep you laughing and swooning from one clean romance to the next. You’ll have fun watching the meddlesome owners of Sage Valley Ranch as they work their matchmaking magic on the unsuspecting cowboys. Get ready to fall in love with Sage Valley Ranch, where country life is sweet, and romance is even sweeter. Sage Valley Ranch Romance Series: 1. Romancing the Conflicted Cowboy 2. Falling for the Younger Cowboy 3. Wrangled by the Watchful Cowboy 4. Charmed by the Daring Cowboy 5. Inspired by the Creative Cowboy
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