Rolling Winds
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Rolling Winds by Faith Blakely


Victoria Hall is a twenty-seven-year-old nutritionist working for high-end clients in New York. When one of her clients suddenly dies and wills a beach house to her that every other family member wants, she takes a trip to Westside Creek town to find out what the craze about the house is all about.

On her new adventure, she crosses paths with Tom Dean who works as the town's sheriff, and his younger brother; Everett Dean. Everett is everything Tom isn't and is a petty criminal whom Victoria is keen to turn around. This gets her and Tom to a rocky start. Their feelings for each other endure first-time troubles and Tom's past romance life.

However, together they work to uncover a hidden secret in the beach house that spans far larger than they thought. It is a secret that has the potential to kill. Will Victoria and Tom’s love for one another persevere with everything stacked against them?

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