Rock Hardest
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Rock Hardest by Jamie Knight


If you could record my heartbeat,
it would be thumping hard for him.

Sven is the sound engineer for a record label.
And he's as hot as the bands they put out.
He makes the music happen for fans behind the scenes.
And he makes the magic happen for me in bed.
We have to keep things on the downlow though.
Because I work as the receptionist for the studio.
At first, I'm happy to be his dirty little secret.
I let him take my dress down and then tie me up.
But I soon find myself wanting more.
And I can't help but think he feels the same.
Especially when he takes me to celebrate a new album.
And then he fills me up with more than just excitement.

Does he only want me as his secret pet?
Or is he trying to become the father of my child?

Rock Hardest is a box set duo of two steamy rock star romance books, featuring bad boy bandmates and babies! The books included are Hot Guitarist's Secret Baby and Under His Dominance.  

Every book in this series is a standalone that can be read on its own but that is also connected to the other books in the series by the setting of a record label in Seattle and by characters who are friends.

Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happily ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

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