Riding His Sleigh
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Riding His Sleigh by Cameron Hart


She has a plan for everything.

 I always have a plan. And a backup plan. But then my picture-perfect life shattered, leaving me all alone, scrambling to pick up the pieces while still taking care of my newborn baby.

I was done with the drama, heartache, and violence of my past. That’s why I made my sister move with me and my son, Carson, to Christmas, Michigan three years ago. We’ve settled in, and she went and married the sweetest man who loves her endlessly.

I’m doing great, too. Really, I am. I’m just fine. I don’t need a man to make me happy this Christmas, or any other time of year, for that matter. Even if he’s a firefighter. And an ex-military man. And has tattoos and a smile that makes me want to ride his sleigh all night long...

He’s about to turn her world upside down.

I knew the second she fell into my arms that Melissa was going to be my wife.

She thinks her life is complicated and her past is too big and scary for me to deal with, but she’s wrong. I’m going to need a Christmas miracle to get Melissa to open her heart up again, but I won’t give up.

Melissa and Carson are my family now, and no one is going to take them from me.

*Trigger Warning: One of the main characters talks about past abuse.*
What to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

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