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Tragedies were hard to forget and even harder to fully remember. Jos tried to not think about that fateful night that he lost his family. But with every step he took, he couldn’t help but think that he was in the same place that he had been twenty years ago. Only now he had a carbine and two revolvers. He was eager to use them, in what was perhaps a misguided attempt for revenge. Jos knew that he was getting close, but he couldn’t hear any voices near him. He made sure to be careful, his boots soft on the earth as if he was almost floating in the air and his finger resting on the carbine’s trigger. There was a pile of bodies next to a burning fire. From what he could see, Jos counted five bodies – and a bottomless river of blood that was slowly seeping through the ground into the earth. As Jos inspected the scene, there was another thing that caught his eye – two white bonnets with their fabric stained brown and red. Two bonnets. And no women to claim them.