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Revelations by Roma James

They are warriors, disciplined military men with heroic, battle-hard bodies. And all three men want one thing...Me. All my life I’ve followed the rules. I’m a physical therapist, healing wounded and broken soldiers through my work at a VA hospital. I’m surrounded by some very fine military men. While I’m certainly no flirt, I’m more than a little distracted. Maybe it’s a man in uniform, or his commanding presence and hardcore discipline. Whatever it is, I find that I’m tempted by not one but three men. Three powerful military men who all want to claim me. Each man offers his own brand of seduction and his own way of showing me the heights of exquisite pleasure. Three gorgeous men, all vying for my attention. What’s a careful and sensible girl to do? * * * Revelations is a full-length reverse harem novel for fans of heroines who don’t have to choose.
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