Return to Halfpoint
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Return to Halfpoint by Celia K Nott


She's just trying to keep her business afloat.

Tanya Meeker had tried her best to stay away from Halfpoint, Colorado. Ever since her father whisked her away to Halfpoint when she was fifteen, she had resented this place. And the residents of Halfpoint never seemed to have much love for her, either. Nostalgia may have brought Tanya back for her disastrous class reunion, but it was the threat of losing everything that had her staying.

When the wrong contractor shows up to help her renovate her father's cabin, Tanya will be confronted with the past she has tried so hard to forget.

He's got Mr. Fix-it written all over him.

Callister Bleil may be just another Halfpoint good ole boy, but he is her only chance at finishing the renovation on time. Setting aside their differences to get the reno completed in just six weeks, the pair have no idea their time together may also demolish that fine line between love and hate.

But will a twenty-two-year-old secret, and the rumors surrounding it, cost Tanya everything?

Return to Halfpoint is the newest novel associated with the Halfpoint, Colorado series of romances, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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