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A family in shambles. A town in danger. Now is the time for Alva McRae’s return to fight for justice and peace. Alva is determined to prove to his townsfolk of Margret on his innocence for trying to rape Leda, and to save them from Vernie Sieckes and his evil gang. Vernie has set his sights on the local mines in Margret. He and his henchmen will do whatever it takes to control the mines, and eventually the town as well. An ugly fight to eradicate the Vernie gang is inevitable. It is Alva’s fight to uphold the peace for his town, a fight to protect his woman Louisa, and a fight for… His honor. When Alva finally steps back into his house after seven years of absence, he opens the door to his father’s bedroom to see Leda looking right at him. She has a gun in her hand, though it is not pointing at Alva. It is pointing at his father’s head. “Leda… stop,” Alva utters.