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Resisting the Brit by Emelia Blair

Being forced to work alongside the new boss—an arrogantly cold Englishman—left me torn between fury and attraction. When Oliver arrives to take over the company, I’m not about to idly stand by while he lays people off. Instead, I burst into his office to confront him, not expecting the man I encounter. He’s every bit the asshole I’d envisioned, but I hadn’t realized he’d be a hottie with a panty-melting accent. But that doesn’t matter. I refuse to back down. Refuse to fall for his charm. He has his agenda, and I have mine. But when my family’s well-kept secret, along with the debt my brother owes, puts my life in danger, there are no other options left. It’s up to me to pay the price. But not with money. Unfortunately, there’s only one person who can help free me from this mess—my new boss.
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