Rescuing Halin
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Rescuing Halin by RK Munin


Mian Sorrow, independent bounty hunter, has dedicated her life to chasing down the same kind of raiders that killed her parents. When a defenseless transport gets attacked there’s no question she’s going to intervene. But rescuing Halin, the handsome Hissa on board, is one thing. Being talked into a suicide mission to the Bicoma system is something else entirely.

Against her common sense she finds herself agreeing to help the attractive Hissa warrior and acting as his personal escort to Bicoma. As they travel together, Mian finds herself getting attached to the charming male. He’s everything she likes: adventurous, skilled, fun, and fearless.

Assuming they survive a visit to the Bicoma home world, what happens when the mission is over? What happens when she needs to go back to hunting down raiders and he returns to his people?

She’s dedicated her life to fighting raiders. Can she give that up for love?

This is a stand-alone 69K word novel with an HEA. There will be space battles, harrowing rescues, and two individuals figuring everything out. This work of fiction is meant for mature audeances, 18+ readers only.

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