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Remington’s Mate by Anastasia Wilde

Remington McCall has always had his identical twin brother Colt at his back: teammate, partner in crime, drinking buddy, and wingman. Until Colt met his true mate. And Remy didn’t. He’s happy for his brother. Really. In fact, everything is just effing fine. His two shifter animals at war inside him? It’s cool. His illegal, addictive trips to the spirit world? He can quit any time he wants. So when his alpha asks him to go undercover for their private investigation firm’s first major case, Remy jumps at the chance to be a hero. He’s got everything handled. What could go wrong? Two words: Jaeda Monroe. Jaeda was raised by wolves—but she’s not one. The non-shifting daughter of a famous alpha wolf, her goal list includes: 1) a high-powered executive job in the human world, and 2) a boyfriend who never turns into anything with fur. But when one of the wild, irrepressible McCall twins walks into her brand-new job, looking for evidence to convict her boss of fraud and attempted murder, Jaeda’s carefully-planned human life starts crashing down around her. Remy is hot and sexy and shifter to the bone—and he’s making Jaeda question all her plans for the future. But their partnership is explosive in more ways than one, and it could take them down a path that will change them both forever—if they survive…
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