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What happens when the Devil wears Prada, has a sweet obsession with me, and is a ravishing, enigmatic billionaire who has more secrets than Fifty Shades? He always gets what he wants. He always owns what he wants. He always breaks what he wants. And. He. Wants. Me. REMI (Night of the Diamonds Series Book One) A Dark Billionaire Romance Esme Rawling, an Art student, living in New York, runs into Remi Arlington by chance, the circumstances far from perfect. Sparks fly and not of the good kind as the rebellious woman clashes with the mysterious billionaire. Hard to please, overly demanding, and never satisfied, he taxes her viciously every time he sees her, their animosity toward each other only growing. Or is it? Little does she know that the man who has the most spellbinding eyes she's ever seen, the chiseled body of a God, and a reputation bigger than the building bearing his name, is the man who will challenge her beliefs while drawing her to his dark, exquisite world, little by little. Author note: This is a delicious enemies to lovers, dark billionaire romance series with unexpected twists and situations, and dark tones starting with book 2. All books end in a cliffhanger. HEA at the end of the series. Please note, this is serialized content, and all books should be read in order. This book ends in a cliffhanger. The story continues with Dark Remi (Night of the Diamonds 2) A Dark Billionaire Romance, now available in store. Enclosed is the list of available books.
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