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Redeeming Lottie by Melissa Ellen

I had a plan for my life. One that would never involve marriage, or kids, or being stuck in the one-horse Texas town I grew up in. I saw how it worked out for my parents, and I wanted no part of their heartbreak. So I ran. My career was the only commitment I had time for. The only one I was ever willing to make. But life didn't care about my plan. I didn't expect to go home again, but here I am. I never, ever planned on seeing Tucker Monroe again, but here he is. His sexy smile and country charm were the reason I left. But with every smirk this single dad gives me, I'm finding it hard to remember why. All that's on my mind is Tucker, but I can't give in to the feelings that never quite went away. I have to remember what my ambitions are. But he's too tempting. And just as dangerous for me as he ever was…
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