Reclaiming Her Heart (Serenity Bay Series Book 1)
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A single mom. A jaded businessman. And the heart-tugging lure of a small seaside town.

Left broken-hearted by her high school sweetheart, Jasmine Davidson moved home to the quiet seaside town of Serenity Bay to start afresh. Caring for her daughter and running the local bed and breakfast have been enough to keep her busy and help heal the wounds from her failed marriage. Although she has to watch every dollar, Jasmine’s priority is on providing a stable home life and promising future for her young daughter. With the support of family and friends she is able to do just that – until a wealthy businessman rolls into town and threatens to change everything about the town she loves so much.

Elijah Rineholt is worn out and jaded from working long hours running the large property corporation he owns with his brother. He is tired from fast business deals, fast cars and fast living. When he offers to scope out promising development opportunities in Serenity Bay, he knows it is only to tick the boxes of his mundane life - offer a lucrative deal, sign the papers and return home to ponder his future. He wasn’t expecting the quiet seaside town or the beautiful owner of the B&B to get under his skin.

Can love reclaim jaded hearts?

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