Reckless & Wild
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Reckless & Wild by Brooke St. James


If you knew anything about Justin Wilde, you'd know he lived up to his last name. He was the reckless one… the one who went looking for trouble. He had lived in New York for six years, but he recently moved back home to Lexington accompanied by his young daughter and rumors of past trouble.

I didn't mind that he had a little girl. As long as he was single, I had hope that he would notice me one day. He had kissed me once years ago, and I remembered it like it was yesterday.

I had seen Justin several times since he returned and it seemed as if he had completely forgotten about that kiss. In fact, it was like he actually went out of his way to avoid me. You would think this would dissuade me from liking him. He was the ultimate bad boy and he wasn't interested in me at all. But maybe that was the very thing that made him irresistible.

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