Raw Courage

Raw Courage by William Black


Michael Stratten’s soul was aching for a new life, one far away from the bloodshed and battlefields he knew as an army officer. For a brief moment it appeared he found it on a tranquil farm in Arizona. Not only that but he discovered a beautiful partner, Dolly Carrington.

All of that was yanked from him by a ruthless raid conducted by Mexican Federales. It left his beloved Dolly dead.

Michael vows to go after those who crushed his dreams. Along the way he finds out the so-called Federales are really a vicious gang of American and Mexican outlaws who are conducting a ruse. The real goal of their brutal leader, Milo Wedge, are two Gatlin Guns at Fort Canyon. A Mexican crime leader has offered to pay twenty thousand dollars each for the weapon.

Michael battles politics and his own personal demons along the way. He’s still trying to come to grips with a massacre of innocent American Indians he witnessed but the army covered up.

Raw courage is what Michael needs, to serve justice and bring back his peace of mind.

Another classic western with respectful romance and women as strong frontier folk from author William Black.

Note: Each book in the Post-Civil War Western Justice series is a standalone story that can be read out of order.

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