Ranchers Only
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Ranchers Only by Elle Christensen


A ranchers only dating site?
Go ahead, read it again, I’ll wait.
No, this is not a joke.

When Ophelia Cooper’s best friend sets her up with an account, Lia scoffs at the idea. But unwanted dirty dreams about the obnoxious and
really-freaking-hot cowboy next door, convince her to give it a try. Maybe she’ll find love and forget about the man she’s always wanted.

James Locke’s little sister insists that he needs to date or he’ll wind up a lonely, grumpy old man. She takes matters into her own hands and sets him up on the site. When a misunderstanding causes James to ruin any chance with the one he really wants—Ophelia—he decides to give it a try, hoping he still has a chance at love.

Will they find love on RanchersOnly.com?

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