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Raiden by Scarlett Grove

To find his mate, he'll have to believe the impossible A Driven Scientist For Flora Baptiste, nothing is more important than finding a vaccine against the vampires who kidnapped and changed her. She will stop at nothing until the problem is solved. While working at the House of Storms, she can't be distracted by her attraction to her best friend, Raiden. She isn't even his mate. He's said so. A Disgruntled Gamer Raiden might love video games, but that doesn't mean his captain approves. The roguish warrior is preparing for the war he knows will come, and the game keeps his senses keen and his reflexes honed. Along with hours in the gym, Raiden is pumped and ready for the inevitable onslaught. If only he could reconcile his attraction for is best friend. He wants nothing more than to kiss her, but his inner dragon hasn't made a peep. If his dragon is silent, how can she be his? Game, Set, Match With humans going missing and mysterious murders happening in the streets, Raiden knows that his preparations were warranted. Flora works desperately to find the vaccine, but everything she does seems to fail. Will Flora find the missing ingredient before vampires drive the human race to madness? And can Raiden claim the love he desires without the help of his inner beast?
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