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Racing the Alpha by P. Jameson

In the south, things get real dirty. Especially on Saturdays. Mud on your jeans. Grit in your beer. Your tan washes off in the shower. That's how you know it's racing day. Or as the Dirt Track Dogs like to put it, winning day. Because they aren't racing unless they're winning. Drake is the president of Cedar Valley's best dirt track racing club, and Alpha to a rag-tag wolf pack. His boys have had their troubles, but nothing a little mashing of the throttle and a few laps around the track can't fix. As long as they're winning, they can ignore the way their animals hunger for their mates. But the arrival of a curvy new driver throws Drake's careful control out of balance, and makes his wolf want more than just another win. Ella Freeman wants two things: to win enough money to buy herself a decent place to live, and to get to know the local racing legend, Drake Folsom. With her inherited stock car and the track knowledge her daddy ingrained in her, she sets out to do just that. What she doesn't count on is losing her heart to the wolf he hides inside. But the longer she sticks around, the more losing really feels like winning.
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