Proxy Bride
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Proxy Bride by Katy Paige


From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery, now writing wholesome romance as Katy Paige...

In the state of Montana, there is a little-known legal loophole that provides for double proxy marriage, should a bride and groom be unable to say their wedding vows in person. Small-town schoolteacher, Jenny Lindstrom, agrees to take wedding vows on behalf of her best friend, while city slicker, Sam Kelley, promises to stand in on behalf of his cousin, the groom. But when these two unlikely proxies end up missing their appointment with the judge, they're forced to spend a long weekend together.

Despite their differences, they find themselves drawn to each other: Sam finds Jenny's unaffected wholesomeness refreshing, and Sam's gentle teasing fills Jenny with a longing she has never known. But when a supermodel ex, a very handsome principal, and three over-protective older brothers start meddling, will our sweet country mouse and slick city mouse find a path that leads to happily-ever-after?

Set against the snowy backdrop of Gardiner, Montana, Proxy Bride is the perfect holiday read for fans of hot chocolate, warm gingerbread, and the magic of Hallmark Christmas movies!



Book #1: Proxy Bride
Book #2: Missy's Wish
Book #3: Sweet Hearts
Book #4: Choose Me
Book #5: Virtually Mine
Book #6: Unforgettable You



"THIS BOOK IS A WINNER." --Kirkus Reviews

"An enticing read..." --San Francisco/Sacramento Book Reviews

"The unusual love affair of the two main characters unfolds in a lovely and unique way..." --Red City Review

"This book made me smile, sigh, and warm all over." – Penny Reid, New York Times bestselling author

"Everything about this story tickled me, starting with the concept." – Samanthe Beck, USA Today bestselling author

"There was such magic and chemistry between them that I really didn't want the book to end." --The Book Enthusiast

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