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Protecting Lady Esther by Lucy Adams

Lady Esther has high hopes for the London Season. Accompanied by her aunt, Lady Ware, and her father, the Earl of Leighton, she dreams of balls and soirees and of making a decent match. However, when her father suddenly disappears without explanation, everything changes. Determined to find him, Esther begins to walk a dangerous path, where secrets and betrayals surround her. Charles, the Earl of Westbrook, has belonged to ‘The King’s League’ for some years. Determined to root out spies within England, he is horrified to learn that an important cipher has gone missing. Thrown together with Lady Esther, he is forced to protect her from these hidden dangers whilst slowly beginning to realize that, despite everything, his heart is slowly beginning to change towards her. When the truth is finally revealed, Esther finds herself in a deadly situation, with Lord Westbrook nowhere to be seen. Will she be able to find her father and escape with her life? Can Lord Westbrook protect her from this threat? And will they ever be able to find a happiness together, or will it all be snatched away at the very last moment? AUTHOR’S NOTE The King’s League is a team of Regency spies who, you guessed it, work for the King in Regency Era London. This series is about five of the gentlemen of The King’s League finding love all while on a spy mission of some sort. If you love Regency Romance and Mystery tied into one, then this series will be an enjoyable read! I look forward to introducing you to the respectable men in … The King’s League.
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