Poodle Versus The Fake Santa
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Poodle Versus The Fake Santa by Anne Shillolo


News flash! Zora Flynn, the 50-something publisher of a local newspaper, and Rocco, her pampered prince of a poodle, are up against the clock in an effort to track down a Santa-killer before Christmas. No one wants to see young reporter, Brady, behind bars for the holidays!

Between an ice storm, the big Santa Claus parade, a surprise discovery, and a very romantic evening at home, Zora is running out of time.

Brady has received a shocking piece of good news. But in the eyes of the police, it makes him their number one murder suspect. Everyone knows that Brady is honest, law-abiding, and big-hearted. Zora refuses to believe he has a motive for killing the Williamsport Santa.

It turns out that the late Santa is not who he seems, and the staff of the Williamsport Whistle delve into his startling past to try to track down the real killer and exonerate Brady. A heartwarming cozy mystery, just in time for the holidays!

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