Polar Opposites
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Polar Opposites by C.D. Gorri


She's got a thing for bad boys, and he's as bad as they come!

Bowie Atiqtalaaq was new to Barvale, but not to the prejudices of man and Shifter alike. He'd heard the vicious slurs against him for the way he'd been conceived for most of his life. Keeping everyone at bay is a full-time job, but with his reputation for being wild and brash, Bowie never expected to care about what anyone else thought of him ever again. Until he laid eyes on her.

Roxanne Winters, the legendary ice queen herself, journeys to Barvale during the Holiday Lights Festival to seek rights for her Skulk to run on Clan lands during the winter solstice. Her father, Alpha Fox of their Skulk, is depending on her to act with the grace and flawless manners that had been pounded into her brain since birth to get the rights for their annual mating celebration.

Will Roxanne be the good girl Daddy always told her to be, or will she let her hair down and go wild with naughty Polar Bear Shifter, Bowie, her guide for the week?

Find out if opposites really do attract in this Barvale Clan tale!

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