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Playing With the Bridesmaid by Stephanie Queen

Natalie is young, bold and a little naughty. Max is a wise NFL veteran winding down his career. Everyone tells them they’re inappropriate together. And maybe it’s true—But they don't care because they’re also totally combustible together. But he has baggage, like adorable twin girls, a complicated ex and a big dark secret. And she has even more baggage, like a problem stepmother, a penchant for too-high heels and a vulnerable heart. All that inappropriate chemistry keeps them together, but will it destroy them or make them whole? What Readers Are Saying: "a whole lot of fun... Natalie was a hoot and I adored her!"--WindRider, Irresistible Weddings Box Set "another story that grabbed my heart"--GlendaLeona, Irresistible Weddings Box Set " a fun, hot and sexy read"--Jennadb, Irresistible Weddings Box Set Playing With the Bridesmaid is a full length stand-alone New Adult football romance set in the world of the Boston Militia football team. If you love sizzling older man-younger woman romance with all the feels right up to the satisfying happy ending, you'll love this story! (Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)
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New adult fiction is now a growing genre of fiction using protagonists in the 18-30 age bracket. In this genre, the publications are written for the age group of 18-30. New Adult is an emerging marketplace that attracts readers in their late teens and early twenties, which are too frequently missing from the pages of both Young Adult and Adult novels to the forefront. In this category, we generally saw some books on new situations and responsibilities that adults carry with them, how adults overcome their bad situations and some exciting stories that remind us about our adult phase.

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