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My growly, alpha AF pastors broke the ultimate vow in order to be with me. When Pastors Jordan and Jason stepped up to the pulpit, the breath caught in my throat. These were the new pastors at the Village Church? The men had perfect lips, tattoos swirling up their forearms, and cocky, knowing smiles that made my heart race. In fact, all the female congregants let out a collective sigh when Pastors Jason and Jordan got up to preach. But Jason and Jordan are no average men of the cloth. The two handsome priests are godliness personified, yet with a taste for sin. Because I’ve taken a Promise Vow. It’s a vow to keep myself sacred and pure for the touch of my future husband … … but these priests are temptation personified. Not only will they show me the Garden of Eden but they’ll put the apple in my mouth by doubling down every time we’re together. Jason and Jordan were taught in divinity school to be shepherds to their flock … … but what happens when shepherds lose their way? Reader beware: This book is *wildly inaccurate* and does not seek to represent the teachings of any particular church or denomination. But if you’ve ever dreamed about a hot preacher while drifting off into fantasy, then you’ll definitely adore Pastors Jason and Jordan. Let yourself engage in some hedonism for a fun-loving romp that breaks all the rules: real and make-believe.
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