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Pickoff by GP Hutchinson


"an incredibly gripping story" - Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

Pickoff by G.P. Hutchinson offers great action, great baseball, a great love story, a great moral dilemma, and crisp direct prose. Hutchinson has hit this one out-of-the-park!" - Jon Michael Miller for Readers' Favorite

It's 1927, the year Babe Ruth clouts an unprecedented 60 home runs. Over in the National League, Joe Rath has just lost his spot as starting catcher for the Baltimore Beacons. The team's front office believes their club, too, needs a bona fide slugger, one they've found in their new backstop, Frank Walsh. Determined to prove his worth to the Beacons, as well as to his dissatisfied young wife, Rath boards a team train bound for Chicago. Little does he know, a spontaneous visit to a speakeasy in The Windy City will land him in a world of ruthless gangsters and in the arms of a ravishing young singer.

Each book in Hutchinson's America's Pastime Series is a standalone story and the series can be read in any order. So, jump right in with whichever era strikes your fancy--the 1890s, the 1910s, or the 1920s.

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