Phantom’s Mate
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Phantom’s Mate by Anastasia Wilde

For most people, true love means “till death do us part.” For others, death is only the beginning… After nine months as a panther ghost, Nick Cadoulec is owning his afterlife. Walking through walls? Check. Ghost soccer with his friends? Check. Messing with his crew by moving their stuff around with his poltergeist powers? Check. But when he gets the ability to change from a panther ghost to a human one, all bets are off. Human ghosts have unfinished business. Human ghosts want things: Justice. Retribution. Revenge. Love. Nick figures the love thing is out of the question, so he’s going for the first three—hunting down the man who killed him, and making him pay. The last thing he expects to find on his revenge mission is a lost human ghost, trapped in a remote corner of the spirit world. The best Brittany Daniels can figure, she’s in purgatory—a perpetual dark and stormy night where it’s always Halloween, and she’s dressed as a Kraken. She’s spent two years hoping for an emissary from heaven to come and guide her to a place with less rain and more margaritas served by hot pool boys, but the sinfully sexy ghost who finds her is definitely no angel. Nick has never fallen this hard for a woman—alive or dead—but being with her comes at a price. The car accident that took Britt’s life also took away big chunks of her memory, including her own unfinished business. Unless she figures out what’s holding her here, the darkness will grow until it spills out into the human world—and destroys Nick along with it. Nick will do anything to help Brittany, even knowing that once her unfinished business is complete, her spirit will cross over and he’ll be alone. After all, dead shifters don’t get fated mates, happily-ever-afters—or Christmas miracles. Or do they?
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