Peril in Silver Nightshade
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Peril in Silver Nightshade by Lakota Grace


Meet Silver Delaney, con artist extraordinare.
Most foster homes are places of love and compassion. Silver had the bad luck to be raised in the other kind. Rather than what COULD BE, she lives by the truth of WHAT IS.

Silver has three rules. #1--People don't always do what they say they will do. #2--The world is full of danger. #3--Look out for Number One.

And that is exactly what she intends to do when she arrives in the Verde Valley of Arizona. Her goals are simple: find her (rich, of course) birth parents, con them out of as much money as she can, and start over in a new life.

Her dream job will be a famous chef in Paris, or a doctor collecting grateful accolades and high salary, or even an award-winning actress. But then she gets accused of murder and scrambles to prove herself innocent.

Is she up to it? Find out how Silver's brand of justice prevails in this fast-paced mystery, at times humorous and romantic, set in the rural Southwest.

Readers say this about the Pegasus Quincy mystery series:

  • “Peg is a sassy rookie police woman working in a Southwest mining town with a personality all its own.”

  • “The atmosphere and settings are artfully portrayed, and the main character, Deputy Pegasus Quincy, is unforgettable.”

  • “The humor is wry, the mystery interesting, the twists clever.”

  • “Every now and then I find a character I want to follow around on the adventures life throws her way. Rookie Detective Peg Quincy is one of them. I like her voice, the way she expresses her emotions and logic, and her grit when she’s faced with increasingly difficult choices.”

  • “A fast read with engaging characters in a historic setting. Copper Town is my kind of place and Peg reminds me of Stephanie Plum, independent and cheeky.”

  • “The story moves along well and keeps the reader engaged throughout. There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. I want more Peg Quincy!”

Peril in Silver Nightshade is Book 4 in the Pegasus Quincy mystery series.
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