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Perfectly Imperfect Mine by Amelia Shea

Small town girl Sadie Wallace has lived a life of “nothing special.” She’s watched everyone around her live their lives while merely just surviving her own…until she meets Stone. Bounty hunter Trey Stone is in the small town of Cedar Bluff on a special assignment. The plan is to complete the job and head back home…until he meets Sadie. From the moment Stone comes into the diner where she works, she is obsessed. Their first encounter leaves her fearing for her life. A dead body and her own abduction have Sadie steering clear of Stone. They both try to resist their need and desire for one another, which proves too strong to deny. When Stone stakes his claim, the night is filled with intense passion and fulfilled fantasies. What began as primal lust has culminated into a deeper connection. As Sadie and Stone begin to fall in love, secrets still stand between them. Stone’s refusal to discuss his work has Sadie wondering what he’s hiding. Her curiosity leads her to look into Stone’s business and the discovery of a side to his life Sadie may not be able to accept. When the truth comes out she will have to decide.
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